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From the January 1921 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the present seething mental turmoil, when more strenuous attempts than ever before are being made to enthrone the human mind; when charlatans and deluded intellectuals alike proclaim it to be omnipotent; when the claim to dominate the world by mental means, no matter how evil, is thundering its vacuous nothingness; when the enemy of Christ is striving to "divide and rule;" when shortsighted, impetuous Peters rush to take the sword of material means in the attempt to rebuke sheer nothingness, to allay the necessary and salutary chemicalization that is the sure sign and promise of the coming of the wholeness which is the Christ; when weary workers, fainting under the charge to "watch with me one hour" begin to ask themselves whether it is any longer safe or wise to return good for evil, and whether the Sermon on the Mount is sufficient equipment for the fight against evil: when all these things are clamoring to be heard, it is well to remember that Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered that "evil is nothing, no thing, mind, nor power" (Science and Health, p. 330 ), and who ordered her life in accordance with that truth, never permitted considerations of the enormity or subtlety of evil to deter her or to mesmerize her into personalizing evil, into dignifying a bewildered human mind with any shade or grade of importance or power.