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From the August 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A DEFINITE command in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," one which might be said to form a climax to the instruction given in that remarkable textbook, is found on page 496, where Mrs. Eddy writes, "Hold perpetually this thought,—that it is the spiritual idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, based upon its divine Principle, Love, underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being." The sentence furnishes unlimited scope for thought. The force of its counsel may be said to lie in the word "perpetually." Mrs. Eddy must have desired to impress upon her readers that to accomplish the good possible in Christian Science they must work, not spasmodically, but continuously; they must "pray without ceasing." The tenor of her teachings throughout requires them to watch constantly. This persistence is the secret of progress in the understanding and demonstration of the Science of God and man.

One who is sincere does not study Christian Science for the purpose of being able merely to talk or argue about it, but that he may learn to demonstrate its rules of healing. He is satisfied with nothing less than daily proofs of the power of right thinking, for these proofs are the only convincing arguments that can be offered in defense of his faith. The opportunity to exercise the understanding he has gained is never lacking. There is always need of healing of some sort. There is room in his home for more of the healing truth; his business may require spiritual aid; his country manifests a lack of spiritual thinking; and the world needs his constructive mental work. It is right that every student who has had a vision of the kingdom of God, as revealed through Christian Science, should each day realize a little more happiness in his own life, more harmony in his home and among his friends, more honesty and wisdom in his dealings, and greater love for all mankind as proof that in his own consciousness discord is becoming less real and the kingdom of heaven more of a reality. Enlarging the field of his mental work, rising above the tendency to confine all his effort to knowing the truth for himself and those near and dear to him, is in itself a mark of progress.

Too many of us accept conditions as they seem to be from day to day, mesmerized by the insidious suggestion that we are not able to demonstrate what we believe to be true. The fact is we cannot fail to demonstrate more harmony daily if we cling tenaciously to what we know. In most cases, it is not more knowledge that is needed to cope with the problem to be solved, but rather a realization of our God-given ability effectively to apply the understanding we have already gained. Have not many of us had the experience of asking a practitioner for help with a problem we have seemed unable to solve, expecting some hidden error to be uncovered, but, instead, have listened to the same arguments, the same Bible passages, the same references from Mrs. Eddy's writings that we had already applied to the case? Then we have been urged to let thought dwell on the true facts about God and man, not on the material suggestions; and we have realized that the demonstration was not made because of our failure to "hold perpetually" to the truth we knew. We had been thinking about Truth a small part of the time, but about error the greater part of the time.