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From the August 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

ONE of the evidences of the greatness of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, was her courage. Alone with God she faced the entrenched beliefs of the world in the fields of healing, religion, philosophy, and physical science. She had the militant courage of a pioneer who fought for the idea revealed to her, and eventually saw it firmly founded and established. And she also had the courage often to hold her peace in the face of criticism and opposition. In these respects, as in other ways, Mrs. Eddy proved to be a faithful follower of Christ Jesus, of whom she says in her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p.18), "Jesus acted boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses, against Pharisaical creeds and practices, and he refuted all opponents with his healing power."

In this, then, may have been the secret of Jesus' boldness, that he was strengthened in courage by the simplicity and constancy of his weapon, and by his reliance for defense and justification wholly upon a proved ability to heal. In this, Mrs. Eddy faithfully emulated the Master; and she has indicated in the Manual of The Mother Church (Art. XXX, Sect. 7) that there is no substitute for healing.

In the Church Manual, also, Mrs. Eddy has spoken against unnecessary and unwise debate (Manual, Art. X, Sect.1). Although this provision refers specifically to unauthorized debating in public, as with many of the By-Laws Christian Scientists may find in this one, also, a wider application than appears from its literal wording. Christian Scientists can refrain wisely from entering into contentious debate.