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Testimonies of Healing

Twenty-five years ago I was...

From the August 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Twenty-five years ago I was healed in Christian Science of dysentery of seven years' standing. For six years previous to this I had been under the medical care of three physicians, one of them a specialist. After five years' treatment he said that the appendix had to be removed. This was done. While I was still in the hospital, the doctor said that before operating they had thought the disease had gone too far for me to be operated on. I did not improve that year, and the disease came back in an aggravated form. I intended to consult the same specialist again, but just at that time he had to undergo a similar operation. Then I decided to give Christian Science a chance.

Thirty-two years ago, before I was ill, Christian Science was brought to our country, and the first people who studied it were friends of mine. They told me about it, but it did not interest me, for I did not believe in the existence of God. It seemed to me illogical, and I did not want any religion. In the next six years I remained mentally deaf to the truth. When doubting if there were any material help for me, I threw off all prejudices at once and wanted to seek Truth earnestly. I went to a Christian Science practitioner, who gave me a treatment. For two years I had taken something for constipation every night and sought help in some sort of food. Now I put my medicine aside and the next morning the bowels moved normally. I was very much impressed, and for the first time went to a church service. I did not understand anything, but bought "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. Although the price seemed high for me and the contents unknown, I bought it without wavering. The second day another difficulty disappeared. Later, inflammation of the ear and temporary deafness were healed.

For six months I received treatment. There was improvement, and the practitioner said that I could try to help myself. Understanding the principal teachings of Christian Science had not been difficult for me, and also I had perceived what the mental cause of the ailment had been. Moreover, I was able to form another concept of happiness, but the symptoms of the difficulty did not disappear. In that first year of study the occasion presented itself to prove for myself that I was honest in my change of thought about happiness. From that time the improvement increased in a remarkable way. When I was nearly healed, the difficulty again returned in a bad form, but I was not frightened. I asked for treatment, and after three days all symptoms disappeared and I was healed. For three days I had not eaten anything; then I enjoyed a hearty dinner. The healing was followed by inaction of the bowels for a week. Then normal action returned, without medicine or material means, only by Christian Science treatment, and, for the first time after those seven years, without a feeling of pain. This proved that the wounds made by the disease were healed.

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