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From the September 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

THE world cannot be saved by ignorance. Job cried, "Oh that I knew where I might find him!" Job uttered this cry notwithstanding the knowledge he had gained that God "is in one mind." What Job was crying out for, the whole of humanity needs. It is a correct, intimate understanding of the Supreme Being. That this is capable of achievement is shown in the ancient drama referred to. Job gained humility through his recognition of the inability of mortal man to gain a knowledge of immortality through material sense or by hearsay. Then he reached out for and achieved God's gift of spiritual perception; and his possessions, which he had lost because they had rested upon a finite belief, were restored, manifold, upon a spiritual basis.

The multiplicity of religions in the world indicate humanity's echo of Job's cry. The egotism of material man, obstinately insisting, as he does, upon the possibility of finding the "Great First Cause" by material research, prevents his gaining the self-knowledge and the ensuing humility which would open to him the sheepfold of which Christ Jesus is the shepherd, where all who enter in can find the truth, the spiritual sustenance, which comes down from heaven.

In striking contrast to the arrogant puerility and self-sufficiency which would claim to enter the Holy of Holies, Christ Jesus stated with humility, and yet with assurance, his knowledge or understanding of God: "As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father." Jesus knew the perfection of God, the Father. Could a perfect Father create, maintain, and know an imperfect offspring? That is an impossibility! It would imply a lapse from perfection. An imperfect offspring would presuppose a state of negation in the midst of positive, omnipresent harmony, a condition which is unthinkable.

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