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From the September 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

IF we were absolutely convinced (1) that God, divine Principle, is omniscient; (2) that omniscient Principle governs man and rewards fidelity; (3) that Principle "knoweth them that are his," as Paul says when writing to Timothy, would it not influence us greatly? If completely and positively sure of the truth not only that Principle is infinite intelligence, the all-knowing Mind, but also that Principle invariably acts harmoniously, would it not radically affect and influence our motives and acts, and in consequence the rate of our individual progress in Christian Science?

The answer is: Yes, it would—if we were completely convinced. But the trouble often is that there is a flaw somewhere in the completeness of our conviction on the points just enumerated. The flaw or error may be that we have not reflected upon or grasped sufficiently what Principle is and includes and demands and signifies. It may be that while we acquiesce vaguely in the Christian Science teaching that God is divine Principle, as well as Mind, Life, Truth, Love, we stop at imperfect acquiescence, instead of letting invariable Principle, Truth, uniformly influence and govern our thoughts, motives, and acts. From habitually imperfect or partial recognition of and acquiescence in Principle, Truth, it is clear that only imperfect or partial demonstration of Principle, Life, can follow. If our thoughts, motives, and acts do not truly and wholly result from government by Principle, Truth, but on the contrary are controlled or biased by some finite personal consideration— and this, if we are capable of any self-analysis, we know often to be the case—an attempt is then in effect being made to delay the working of Principle, or to deny that Principle is Principle, and does really act as such.

God "knoweth them that are his," those who are receptive of and in accord with Principle, reflecting and manifesting it as servants thereof. As obedient sons or willing servants, who know that Principle, Truth, cannot be deceived, they pursue the way. This way is the straight, narrow road toward "the heights of Christian Science"(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, Pref.,p. viii).

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