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From the December 1942 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the light of present world happenings men are more conscious than ever before of the meaning of the old saying, "Blessings brighten as they take their flight. " Possibly no word has stood for more in human thought than the word "freedom," and yet, as in our day freedom has appeared to become more and ever more limited, has there not also in like proportion been made apparent the world's deep love and appreciation of it? Have men not evidenced perhaps the greatest willingness ever seen to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to regain the freedom that has already been temporarily lost to many nations? In those nations which have not been deprived of their freedom, but are beholding in many directions that which seriously threatens it, do we not see unparalleled efforts to subjugate all enemy action at home and abroad aimed at the curtailment of the liberty which free people accept as their God-given privilege? It is indeed true that freedom as known by mankind is essential to human happiness, and that it will never be established on a permanent basis until men individually and collectively realize that man is freeborn, and that his freedom is based upon spiritual law, which emanates from God, the alone lawmaker, and is eternally sustained thereby.