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From the February 1942 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Whether or not one is immediately confronted with a financial problem to be solved, it is vitally important that every student of Christian Science should ask himself these questions: "What is my present concept of supply? Am I still thinking that matter supplies me with the necessities of life? Or am I seeing supply as purely spiritual, limitless, without taint of materiality, emanating directly from God?" In squarely facing this question of supply and gaining the correct scientific concept thereof, one not only finds that the outward evidence of abundance in his own experience is increased, but he also is helping to lift the false burden of limited material thinking from all mankind and annulling the belief in a mind opposed to God. By healing one's sense of supply through proving that Spirit, Truth, is the only real substance, and that man reflects this infinite, divine substance, one is as definitely helping to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth as if, through obedience to the teachings of Christian Science, he had destroyed the belief in an incurable physical condition, a stubborn hereditary sin, or any other error of sense.