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From the December 1943 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Is there a way out of the difficulties of these times—a plan upon which all men may agree, one which will achieve lasting peace and brotherhood among nations and peoples? One of the most encouraging signs of our day is the growing number of plans advanced by thoughtful, earnest men and women of many nations who, whether or not correct in their ultimate judgment, are actuated by the noblest motives and a sincere desire to bless and serve mankind. But we may well ask ourselves, Must the world again pass through a postwar conflict of plans and counterplans, however well intended, and perhaps risk thereby the final imposition of an unsatisfactory compromise or makeshift peace, which would only plant the seeds of dissension in universal thought and postpone the day when men of all races and nationalities will work together for the common good? Certainly human history amply justifies that question, for when we look back upon the centuries we see that mankind has fought for its demands and gained ground only by the hard way, because of the tenacious claims of nationalism, domination, suspicion, greed, prejudice, revenge.