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From the February 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

ONE meaning of "heal" is "to restore to original purity or integrity." The word "original" in this definition implies that man started out whole and without blemish. With this Christian Scientists agree, for Christian Science teaches that man is not made of matter; he is spiritual. What needs to be healed is not man but what is erroneously thought about him. Since God created man after His image, as we are told in the book of Genesis, this likeness could never be aught but perfect. As we understand this truth, we shall see that man is every moment inseparable from God, his creator.

So that all may see, the challenge for Christian Scientists today is to prove that man's origin is spiritual and that because of this, man actually does not come under the condemnation of material laws, which are merely erring beliefs, false conclusions.

In the Bible we have records of prophets and others who, through faith and spiritual intuition, received God's direction and as a result of following that direction did many wonderful things. When God appointed Moses to lead the children of Israel out of bondage, He gave Moses a sign that would convince the people of his God-given authority to carry on this work. The healing of Moses' hand of leprosy was a sign of healing that the people could understand.