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All the great peace, health, and happiness...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

All the great peace, health, and happiness that are mine I attribute to an understanding of the truth explained in the textbook by our Leader. I owe a debt of gratitude to her.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, my son returned from college and joined the Marines. All seemed lost. I became very ill, unable even to swallow food, and in less than a week after my boy's departure I felt that I was about to pass on. However, being a student of Christian Science, I turned to God in prayer and was led to call a practitioner, who helped me through this valley of despair until I found peace.

I studied and prayed vigilantly, and in a very short time I was calm and happy, able to help my son through my prayers all the time he was away. He was a Marine gunner, and just previous to the end of the war he was stationed on Okinawa. The men's tents or huts were bombed about every night. One night when he was out of his tent it was totally destroyed by a bomb. After four years in the service, he came home unharmed. This proof of God's care merits my lifelong gratitude.