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Because of the study of Christian Science,...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Because of the study of Christian Science, my life has been filled with blessings. Of those healings which have stood out to encourage and inspire me, I should like to mention a few.

Two which occurred during my high school years have been of great help. One was that of a headache which had been a constant problem for many, many months. I had not asked for the help of a practitioner about this or prayed for myself. I had, instead, relied upon self-will to keep as cheerful as possible.

Arriving at Sunday School early one Sunday morning, I sat down to talk with girls in the adjoining class. One of them was telling of an instantaneous healing of a headache which she had experienced through the help of a practitioner. As I listened, I thought, "If she can be healed, then headaches are not real, and I can stop believing that man can have one." The bell soon rang for Sunday School to start, and I returned to my own class, still thinking about this. Months later I realized that I had been completely free of the headache from that moment.