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I have received many healings, and my...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I have received many healings, and my heart is filled with such gratitude for God's loving care that I earnestly hope others can reach out and obtain help in Christian Science as I have done. I have found that when I seek God's help it is always—and immediately—available. I hope my testimony will assist others in finding peace through absolute reliance on God.

I have known no religion other than Christian Science, for my mother and father took up its study just before I was born. During the ensuing years, I have found that healing occurs not through an academic approach in prayer, but through a humble and contrite heart filled with earnest longings to know God and to lead the kind of life that Jesus led, through which he demonstrated the steps that will bring us into the kingdom of heaven.

Gratitude for Mrs. Eddy, for her discovery and founding of Christian Science, for the textbook, Science and Health, as well as her other writings, is a part of each day's hymn of prayer.