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I should like to share some of the many...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I should like to share some of the many benefits I have received through the study and application of Christian Science. For a period of over twenty-five years, I have relied for healing on the spiritual truths the Bible contains, and those found in Science and Health and the other writings of our Leader. The Christian Science Hymnal and the periodicals, so wisely provided by our Leader, have supplied comfort, inspiration, and healing.

Twice within a week I had a painful back condition. On the first occasion, after giving thanks to God for the certainty of complete healing and for the faithful work of practitioners, I called a practitioner, since I was unable to concentrate to study myself. Relief soon came, and I was about my regular household duties the following morning, completely free. A few days later, however, the same condition returned in a more distressing form. Again resistance to God's power was canceled by the prayerful work of the practitioner in my behalf, and after this the condition did not return. I am deeply grateful to God and to the practitioner for this healing, which blessed me in numerous ways.

Early in my study of Christian Science I was healed of food poisoning. Late one night I found myself in great distress; so I called my husband and told him I needed help badly. There was no telephone in the house, and the only practitioner we knew was out of town.