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When I was a very young girl, my father...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I was a very young girl, my father was instantaneously healed of chronic stomach trouble upon visiting a Christian Science practitioner. At the time, he knew nothing of Science; but after his healing, he started the serious study of this wonderful healing religion. My sister, brother, and I were enrolled in a Christian Science Sunday School, and there we were taught the fundamentals of Science.

I know now that we were protected from many of the so-called children's diseases and from other discords. I was rather inclined to take Christian Science for granted and to depend upon my parents and the good work of practitioners when I needed help. However, when I married and had children I found that I needed to know better how to help them and myself through my own understanding.

When our twin boys were born, the doctor told my husband not to get a twin baby carriage, because he was afraid that only one baby would live. We prayed diligently to know that Life is God and that the only life there is, is the life God gives to His idea. We knew that each child of God is held forever at the standpoint of perfection; that man in God's image and likeness is spiritually strong and healthy, not subject to material birth and death.