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A single moment

From the December 1979 issue of The Christian Science Journal

O mortal has sense told you that suffering is real and healing takes time? Loved of God understand that Love heals instantly! Saul suffered blindness three days They thought Lazarus dead four days A woman had an issue of blood twelve years Satan bound a daughter of Abraham eighteen years The man at Bethesda had an infirmity thirty-eight years Jesus said   Rise take up thy bed and walk Jesus said   Woman thou art loosed from thine infirmity Jesus comforting said   Daughter thy faith hath made thee whole Jesus thanked God and cried with a loud voice   Lazarus come forth The Christ sent obedient Ananias   and Saul received his sight forthwith No diagnosis   no drugs   no surgery   no therapy   no convalescence Beloved of God put on the Christly garments of self-knowledge humility and love Know who you are and the source of your being Reflect the Love that is divine and that heals and you will heal instantly and know well that a year of suffering or a month or a day is nought zero 0  Feodore Sachs.