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From Warsaw to Mumbai

Christian Science Board of Directors visits churches vibrant with progress and healing

From the July 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In early February 2009, the Christian Science Board of Directors visited Christian Science branch Churches and Societies in Poland and India. Board communications coordinator, originally from pune, India, accompanied them, along with Nancy Price, travel manager for the Board of Directors. Dilshad's report follows.

Back in Boston after our long journey, I felt joyously changed, and cherished a quiet gratitude for what I had seen during the trip—for a clearer recognition of the benefits associated with being part of the worldwide Church of Christ, Scientist. The development and progress of our Church is surely linked to the lives of every individual Christian Scientist. From these visits to Poland and India, I'm humbled and enriched to see how much I can learn from my universal church family.

"The two cultures [Polish and Indian], could not have been more different, yet it was the similarities that were the most special to me," Nancy Price observed. "We're a church family," she added, "and we're bound together by our prayers to be more effective practitioners of Christian Science, by our love for our individual branch churches, and by the wonderful fact that we are all connected through The Mother Church, no matter where we are in the world."