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From the July 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

1. Leigh Daugherty's article, "Keeping Confident in Christian Healing," brings fresh, experience-based inspiration to the Journal's feature section this month. "Understanding that we come into our human experience equipped with confidence, rather than with the need to acquire it," Leigh says, "has been a life lesson for me." Leigh currently serves as Manager of The Writings of Mary Baker Eddy at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Page 42.

2. Jenny and Tony Lobl met in London and married in 1989. Jenny had found Christian Science when she was fresh out of university working in the computer field; Tony at the university where he was studying modern mathematics. They have taken on a variety of jobs, but always had their hearts set on becoming Christian Science practitioners. And that's the path they've followed. Read "The Healer's Daily Bread." Page 45.

3. Fujiko Signs divides her time between two homes—in Pennsylvania and Tokyo. Years ago, when a friend led her to a church with teachings based on the perfection each person has as God's likeness, she says, "I knew I'd found my real home." See Fujiko's answer to the question "Are the Glory Days of Christian Science Gone?" Page 50.