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Answering the call

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The cover of the Christian Science Quarterly last summer announced, “. . . God hath blessed thee for ever” (Ps. 45:2). Each time I saw that, my heart soared! I felt embraced by God’s love—reminded that He has been blessing me every moment, throughout my life, and so I can depend on His continued blessings, forever.

This promise of God’s watchful, attentive care is the basis from which I live my life and conduct my practice of Christian Science. It attests to a mothering Love, nurturing and preparing me for the willingness to study Christian Science daily, to share it, and to be ready and available as a healer. This mothering Love both encouraged and forced me to mature spiritually, ensuring my readiness to answer the call, when it came, to leave a successful career as a management consultant and enter the full-time practice.

The seed for answering the call was planted for me in Sunday School, where I learned the spiritual definition of angels in Science and Health—which begins, “God’s thoughts passing to man” (p. 581)—and how to listen for and follow God’s direction. I learned, sometimes the hard way, what happened when I didn’t. I was safe when I listened and obeyed, and I suffered when I ignored these angel messages, letting my own plans, or even pride, dictate instead. This seed, once planted, had to grow, because I had let it take hold in my heart, and I lived it in my life.