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Prayer cures fever and stomach Illness

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

During my early years in elementary school, my mom and dad were killed in the civil war in my country, Liberia. Right after their deaths, my family members and others were being hunted many days and nights by gunmen. As a result, my grandmother, who was caring for us, decided to find refuge for my family in our neighboring country, the Ivory Coast. Unfortunately, while we were traveling, we fell into an ambush that lasted an hour and a half, where my sister was killed by gunmen. Right away, we fought hard traveling through the night to make our way to the Ivory Coast. 

Many days later, while living in the Ivory Coast, I became very sick with a fever and a stomach illness. At first my grandmother didn’t think it was serious, but then when I still wasn’t well, her next aim was to take me to the hospital. However, there was no cure for the period of two years. As a result, my grandmother decided to call on a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer, since some of my family members knew about Christian Science. Right after she called for help, the practitioner never hesitated, and right away she interjected the idea that a change in thought could heal. She said that there was no reality in illness, because God never created illness. 

This statement reminded me of the story of Lazarus’ resurrection from the nothingness of death by Christ Jesus. A few days later, after that long conversation between the practitioner and my grandmother, the illness went away completely. I was now able to stand on my feet and walk.