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Spiritual Short

How do you keep daily prayer for yourself fresh?

From the September 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Originally posted as a comment to the Question of the Week blog on JSH-Online.

Praying daily for oneself is, to me, a lot like nurturing a potted plant. 

You prune the dead leaves and flowers so it’s not wasting its energy on something useless; you make sure it has enough water and sunlight; and, best of all, you enjoy all the beautiful growth that’s happening.

In my prayers for myself, I like to make sure I’m not holding on to dead or useless thoughts about myself or others. I ensure that I’m recognizing my natural receptivity to all the fresh (not moldy or stale) bread God is giving me each day. And I rejoice with gratitude at all the evidence of God’s glorious grace in my life—yesterday, today, and forever.