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New Hymnal Supplement being developed

From the April 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Since 1890, when a small group of devoted Christian Scientists first compiled and privately published hymns for use in church services, Christian Scientists have turned to their hymns to uplift thought and offer praise to God. In 1892, The Christian Science Publishing Society released the first Christian Science Hymnal, and in 1932, the Hymnal we sing from today was published.

The first new hymns to be adopted by the Publishing Society since the introduction of the 1932 Hymnal were published in October 2008. This small collection of 33 new hymns expanded on the familiar and beloved repertoire of the 1932 Hymnal. The 2008 Christian Science Hymnal Supplement was a natural development of the expression of praise to God in the 21st century and included new settings for many of Mary Baker Eddy’s poems and lively, contemporary hymns from various parts of the world.

As Christian Scientists embrace humanity today with worship that is both timeless in its glorifying of God and contemporary in its expression, a new, expanded Hymnal Supplement is being developed. Expected to be released in the spring of 2016, this new Supplement joins in the recent worldwide outpouring of Christian hymn writing—enriching our Church’s hymn repertoire and continuing to build on our strong foundation of Christ-healing.