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The rich history of Christian Science

From the April 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science. From supporting top-notch scholarship and research about Mrs. Eddy’s life and writings to educational programs for the public designed to open up important aspects of Mrs. Eddy’s world or the Christian Science movement she founded, the Library’s resources promise rich insights to people all around the world. 

Recently I sat down with Executive Director, Michael Hamilton; Senior Research Archivist, Judith Huenneke; and Programs Producer, Jonathon Eder. We spoke about something they all continue to explore with deep interest at the Library: the ongoing history of Christian Science. You can find out more about the Library at

Some Journal readers may not be familiar with the important work you each do for The Mary Baker Eddy Library. What would you most want readers to know about the Library and your work?