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Daughter’s healing after biking incident

From the April 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Through prayer and reliance on God, our family shared in a wonderful healing during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday. My daughter, Ella, and I were taking a bike ride to the store. Ella was riding in a kids carrier seat on the front of the bike. Her foot somehow became lodged between the frame of the bike and the spokes of the front wheel. The bike locked up and came to a jarring halt. As I gently pulled her foot out, I could see that she was hurt and the injury looked severe.             

As a lifelong Christian Scientist, I have been healed countless times from injury and protected by God’s governance. I was taught by my parents and in Sunday School that I could always pray to rely on God and see my true self as His perfect reflection. To behold God’s creation like that is effective prayer. One of my favorite hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal is No. 51. The first verse states this:

Eternal Mind the Potter is,
And thought th’ eternal clay:
The hand that fashions is divine,
His works pass not away.
Man is the noblest work of God,
His beauty, power and grace,
Immortal; perfect as his Mind
Reflected face to face.