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Man, positioned to glorify God

From the April 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

We were sitting at a restaurant, chatting over an evening menu, discussing his vision for his lifework, when I asked, “So what is the essence of what you want to do?” Without hesitation, he said, “To inspire, to move to higher ground, to uplift.” 

My son was speaking about his work in the film industry. Starting out in the mail room of an agency, he had moved through a few more jobs and was now looking for his next career step. I noted that when speaking of his work, he defined it in terms of accomplishing good, not a title. Indeed, in a spiritual sense, one’s position is defined by our inherent oneness with God and the right and ability we all have to express our Soul-defined qualities and abilities.

Our position as the expression of God is established by divine Principle. In mathematics, it is the principle that orders numbers, not the numbers themselves. So, the divine Principle, not people, positions each idea according to Mind’s perfect plan and purpose. Everyone occupies his or her position as a witness of God, glorifying Him in individual ways. How comforting to know that nothing can ever separate us from our true position, for God and man are one in being.