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The Christian Science periodicals: Fuel for spiritual growth

From the April 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Much of the New Testament in the Bible is composed of Paul’s letters to the Christian churches that he helped to establish in the Mediterranean region. How deeply encouraging his communications must have been to those isolated groups of Christ’s followers. His letters were strong affirmations that what they had learned of God’s goodness and healing power really was true, and they could indeed demonstrate it in their own lives and communities.

It occurs to me that the Christian Science periodicals provide church members today with similar encouragement. Certainly none of us would compare ourselves to Paul and the spiritual depth and power from which he wrote. But for many years I have felt uplifted and strengthened after reading articles and testimonies in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel magazines. The more I have pondered the spiritual ideas and insights they share, the more I’ve found them to be of ever greater value.

For instance, sometimes a statement from an article or testimony will stand out to me. I’ll live with that statement for a few days until it has lifted my thought to a new level of spiritual understanding. It’s interesting to consider that Mary Baker Eddy identified the periodicals as “the organs of this Church” (Church Manual, p. 44), since an organ is defined as having a “specialized” or “specific vital function.” Viewed this way, you might say the vital function of the Christian Science magazines is to promote spiritual growth.