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Testimonies of Healing

Concussion symptoms healed

From the May 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I took an ice-skating class in my final semester of college. After class one day, since we seemed ambitious, our teacher was showing another student and me how to perform more advanced tricks. “The Jenkins” involves crossing one leg behind the other as you turn in a tight circle, and then placing your hands near the ground in front of you, bending down close to the ice.

When I tried to do this trick, I lost my balance and fell backward onto my head with a loud thud. The other student and some employees nearby were very concerned. But my instructor remained calm and helped me stand up.

As I sat on the bench, the facility manager came to diagnose me. I told him that I was grateful for God’s protection, and I did not feel hurt. I wanted to be transparent, so I said that I was a Christian Scientist and that I chose to rely on prayer for healing in the case of emergency. They were still concerned. The person who diagnosed me began to describe many symptoms I could expect as a result of my fall. I became a little frustrated; I had not asked to be told how my body should feel, yet here I was being inundated with descriptions of symptoms. But at the same time I knew they only wanted to help, so I appreciated that. They let me go home.

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