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Abiding in infinity

From the October 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In a recent Netflix documentary titled A Trip to Infinity, mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers describe their search to understand and measure infinity, opining that measuring infinity with available material methods is impossible. For example, the concept of a line can be divided infinitely in theory, but a piece of rope cannot be divided infinitely, because matter is limited. One expert describes spheres, which appear in nature with perfect symmetry, as a “shadow” of infinity in our experience.

Matter and material methods use a limited lens to try to measure or understand infinity. Infinite is defined as “immeasurably great,” “unlimited or unmeasurable in extent of space, duration of time,” or “unlimited; boundless; endless” (

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, writes, “God is infinite, the only Life, substance, Spirit, or Soul, the only intelligence of the universe, including man” (p. 330). She also affirms, “Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God” (p. 336). This concept of the infinite is purely spiritual, unrelated to material limits. The infinite can be measured only as “allness,” and since it is all there is, nothing else exists. 

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