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Four summers ago, while vacationing...

From the February 1973 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Four summers ago, while vacationing on a guest farm in Canada, our family had an opportunity to witness the efficacy of spiritual healing as taught in Christian Science.

One morning our young son fell down the loft steps and hit the side of his head on the concrete floor of the cottage. After carrying him to a bed and leaving him in the care of my wife, I went to contact a Christian Science practitioner. However, before I was able to reach a practitioner in the late afternoon, I had an opportunity to withdraw to a secluded spot to clear my thoughts, to reject the bald impositions of mortal testimony and follow the Scriptural advice in Psalms (46:10): "Be still, and know that I am God."

The suggestion "If there had been a handrail on the stairs, this would not have happened" was met with the truth that a spiritual idea, being the reflection of God, cannot fall. There is, in reality, no fallen man.