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Of note this month

From the December 1988 issue of The Christian Science Journal

All church members think through just how they are going to share a Christian Science lecture with their community, and there are many ways of approaching this. Recently a church member wrote to us about his experience.

Some years ago I attended a Christian Science lecture in our community. It was a lecture that at the time didn't seem as compelling as others I'd attended. Frankly, I felt I got little out of it. Several months later my family and I moved to another state. Soon I learned that my new branch Church of Christ, Scientist, was sponsoring the very same lecture.

I remember the change that took place as I felt it necessary now to really pray in support of my new church's lecture preparation. I prayed to see that divine Mind is the true communicator to man. I began stripping away superficial focus on personality and personal judgment of the lecture and saw it as an expression of Mind's perfect communication, irresistible to the heart prepared by Love. By the time I went to the lecture I was convinced that I was involved in a holy event. It's no wonder, then, that I received much inspiration, fresh new ideas. And in all honesty I told my wife that it was one of the best lectures I had ever heard.