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The disciples (students)

From the December 1988 issue of The Christian Science Journal

What an interesting collection this group.
From different places, occupations;
Shy, or loud, or doubting, or quiet;
All brought together to do one thing—

To follow the Master.

Following, listening, struggling, learning,
Questioning, healing, faltering, rallying,
Praying, obeying, nursing, growing.
Together yet alone, with one common cause—

To be more like the Master.

Hiding in fear's dark hour;
Couldn't see the Christ, afraid to look.
Returning to well-worn nets only to find that
Now the old ways aren't enough; they yield nothing.

And then the Master

Beckons that bright morning,
"Cast the net on the right side"—
So simple, so loving;
We know who it is—by his presence—

It is the Master.

He had risen, so will we.
Sharing that morning meal where soul and body are filled;
Our lives are touched,
Never to be the same again.

So it is—with the Master—

We, now changed, transformed,
To carry his word in our hearts.
Undaunted, preaching and healing and doing good—
Blessed forevermore.

Disciples: the Christ, the spirit of the Master, is with us.