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When my mother found Christian Science,...

From the December 1988 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When my mother found Christian Science, she told me it answered her questions about God and reality and life, and she urged me to read the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. I thanked her but said I had no need. At that time I was very happily married; we had a darling little girl and another child on the way. My mother visited us some weekends and would attend the Sunday service at the local Church of Christ, Scientist. She enjoyed the services and the people she met, and she mentioned one lady in particular to me many times.

When I was five months pregnant, my husband and I went to the local hospital to make preparations for the delivery. We were referred to a doctor who, after questioning us about the birth of our first child, made an examination. He then told us that he foresaw this would be a dangerous situation and that he could not guarantee the outcome for either me or the child.

The birth of our first daughter had been a devastating experience with afterbirth complications, and I had spent many weeks in the hospital with my life hanging in the balance. The thought of repeating such an experience was shattering; and after we left the doctor with this ominous report, my husband and I drove around for several hours trying not to panic. Then I thought of the lady at the Christian Science church whom my mother had spoken of so frequently. With some hesitation I telephoned her. By this time it was quite late, but when I explained the situation she invited us to come right over.