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"The whole gospel, for the whole person, for the whole world"

From the February 1991 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"If one is concerned about wholeness for oneself, one is concerned about the whole gospel for the whole person, and that is why, as a divine imperative, one relates to one's fellow human beings as an expression of wholeness.

"We must go into the whole world, but how we go is very important. We go in partnership and not with patronage.... "This gospel ... must impinge upon the totality of life. It must be expressed in every facet of human experience, in every activity in which we engage, in the world of the everyday and ordinary. There is a beautiful epitaph in a churchyard in England which reads... 'Here lies the body of John Brown who for forty years cobbled shoes to the glory of God.' There was one who was relating the gospel to the world of the mundane, the ordinary.

"What a difference it would be in the world in which we live if ... in every form of creativity, there was this expression of 'To the glory of God.' Not an ego trip, not for the personal benefit of the performer, but to the glory of God. That's the whole gospel. That's for the whole person. And that's for the whole world."