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My first interest in Christian Science...

From the July 1996 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My first interest in Christian Science started during college years in discussions with my grandmother, who believed deeply in Christian Science, on the basis of healings she'd had. I began reading Science and Health and was convinced that the words I was reading were true. There was no need for physical healing during my college years, but the testimony meetings of the Christian Science organization helped me see how other college students applied Christian Science in their lives.

I relied upon God as infinite Mind, the real source of intelligence. I found this particularly helpful in law school during a difficult course in criminal law. The final examination was an open-book examination, but the book was about a thousand pages. In the weeks before the final exam, I prayed for guidance and trusted God as divine Mind to lead me to study the appropriate material. The result was the second-highest grade in that class of several hundred students. I did not view this as a personal achievement but as a breakthrough in understanding that intelligence comes from God.

After graduating, I continued to be interested in healing through Christian Science. I realized that there was no other choice I would make as to treatment if a serious health challenge was presented.