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At the age of thirty-four I was cast off by one of the very best...

From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

At the age of thirty-four I was cast off by one of the very best and wisest of matter-physicians, as an incurable consumptive, and was told to go South or to Colorado; a change of climate and scenery being the final. Six years ago I went South, and in Louisiana met a physician's wife who, a year previous in Boston, had been healed by one treatment in Christian Science. She really could not tell me one thing about Christian Science; but she had sown the seed. What Christian Science was, I must know. I too must be cured.

A few months later I met a druggist's wife who also had taken C. S. treatment in Boston, being much benefited. She had Science and Health which she allowed me to take home and read, saying: "I cannot let you have them longer than two days." I read them through eagerly, as one would read an interesting novel;— but even in that hasty reading, a chemicalization took place which confirmed my acceptance of Science and Health as the word of God revealed through His divinely appointed messenger, to sick and sinful humanity. My husband immediately ordered Science and Health. After it came, I sat hours at a time, with that book in my lap, reading and meditating; trying to get the understanding necessary to break the shackles of belief that were holding me. The acute attacks were not so frequent, and many days of comparative peace intervened. About four months after purchasing Science and Health, I entered a class, and when the fact that God was Divine Principle was made so clear by illustration, also that there was no Life, Substance, or Intelligence in matter, I took off my glasses, worn eighteen years, and turned away from my body and personality. Leaving error behind, I started 0n my journey from belief in matter to understanding, which is Spirit. That was nearly four years ago. To-day I don't know that I have any lungs—no cough—no difficulty in breathing. My body which was once a thermometer for beliefs to play upon is so no longer. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." I have fought many a battle—have had some doubts and many fears but the doubts and fears are now all gone. I was brought face to face with the fact, some months ago, that whilst we were so willing to give up pain and disease which are effects, we must—to be permanently healed, to be whole and holy—also give up the belief of pleasures in matter, which are the causes.