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From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Rom. viii. 17. Gen. i. 26.

What is thy birthright, man,
Child of the perfect One!
What is thy Father's plan
For His beloved son?

Thou art the heir of Life;
Then life is always thine.
Proving its deathlessness
Shall be thy " following sign."

Thou art Truth's honest child,
Sinless and pure of heart.
Treading, meek, undefiled
In the Master's steps apart.

Born of the perfect Love,—
Unfailing, tender, true,—
Thou art its carrier-dove,
Sweeping the wide world through.

Thy Father hath all power;
His wisdom is His throne.
In this portentous hour
His children claim their own.

Thou in God's likeness wrought,
Wearing Dominion's crown,
Knowest that self is naught,
Borne by the Christ-love down.

The dream of sense appears,
As Truth dawns on the sight,
A phantom of thy fears,
Fleeing before the light.

Take then the charmed rod;
Thou art not error's thrall!
Thou hast the gift from God
—Dominion over all.

Sit on thy Father's throne,
Co-heir with Christ, our Life,
Ruling with Him alone
—That Love that knows no strife.