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From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

This expression of longing is heard in song and prayer coming from those having no realization of God's nearness to man. For such realization, there must be understanding of who and what God is. He is Spirit, and He is Love;—omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He occupies all space— is all and in all. He is the Ego, the only "I ' (am)'." There is no Mind or Intelligence beside Him—no other Spirit or Soul, no other Love or Power. He is the one God and Father of all. If God is "All and in all," nothing in the universe of Spirit can displace Him, no one of the so-called creations: rocks, trees, animals, or human beings.

"How, then," it is asked, "can God be where I am without being within me? Isn't that Pantheistic?"

No; Pantheism is belief of God in matter—or God the Infinite, within every finite creation, the greater within the lesser; hence there must be as many Gods as there are creations—which cannot be true if the Bible is true.