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From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Early in September, 1888, a wonderful demonstration of the healing power of Truth so aroused the people of Pompey Hill and vicinity that it was deemed best to send a healer to this locality. So urgent seemed the need, that a Scientist was by telegraph summoned from Brooklyn, N. Y. Three days later she commenced work at this point.

The first day, an elderly lady who had been for many weeks confined to her bed—and whose demise, according to medical science (?) was only a matter of time—arose from her bed, and from that time took her meals with the family.

A pronounced "incurable," with heart disease of many years' standing, began at once to deny the claims of matter, and matter conditions. After a few weeks' treatment she entered a class, and is now doing valiant work for Truth. Thus, two homes are speedily transformed from hospitals into "quiet resting-places"; and Christian Science, according to the evidence of the senses, had "spoiled two funerals on Pompey Hill"!