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From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Dear Journal.—You come to us each month full of helpful thought and inspiration. Many times one single article has been worth the year's subscription to me.

We have taken up a new field of labor in the western part of the city, and are meeting with a good deal of interest and encouragement.

To-day I met a prominent evangelist, who spoke of a lamp now burning in the British Museum. It was picked up in the city of Pompeii by one of the Queen's party. About nine years ago this lamp was polished and furnished with a new wick and set burning; and there it burns night and day, seemingly just because it loves to, regardless of sunshine or darkness. For nearly eighteen hundred years it had been darkened by the debris of the buried city. In 1881 it was brought out and lighted again. As he was telling this to me, I thought what a true and beautiful type of the Christ truth.