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From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Is there any way in which the Truth could be brought to the notice of more of God's children who are sitting in the darkness? Am I unscientific in feeling dissatisfied, waiting for a greater recognition of this Healing power? We have a little band of ten; all would like to do. I am the oldest in the work in this city, and the students look to me for guidance. I am anxious to spread this work; and sitting idly waiting for people to come in from the highways and byways unsought, does not seem just Christlike to me. Any suggestions from you, or from a brother or sister Scientist, will be gratefully received.—

We are never sitting "idly waiting" when our thoughts are filled with Truth, and we must not undervalue the silent power of the thought that "God's children are not sitting in the darkness." This is the all-potent thought in Truth, and the only attitude to take in Science. But there are methods of activity which are found to be productive of great results, eg: giving "informal talks" either in our own parlor, or in a small hall where the Truth can be made simple in statement and adapted to the comprehension of everyone. Let all be invited freely to come.—