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When the Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association...

From the June 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When the Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association was re-organized the teacher recommended its continuance as a voluntary assembly of Christians. The meetings have accordingly been held, as before, the first Wednesday of each month. The average attendance as well as the interest has increased. Topics referring to spiritual growth and relations of experience fill up the whole allotted time, and the arrival of the hour of adjournment is reluctantly recognized. The attendance comes from three or four neighboring States with occasional visitors from the remoter sections.

Letters of inquiry have been received from students showing that it has not been generally understood that the membership roll has been continued, and that yearly dues are received as before.

The alumni of the college will be glad to continue their membership on the voluntary basis, and to contribute for the Cause what was formerly given to hold up their own names. We know that there is no one however remote from Boston, who does not experience the benefit of the meetings, and they ought to be sustained in the general interest. The expenses are quite large of maintaining a hall and reading-room in the central part of the city. No one will regret—as letters now coining to Sister Munroe testify—the small annual dues that maintain this recognized rallying point of advanced Science thought.