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From the August 1893 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world!"

This is as direct a command to us now, as it was to those to whom John spoke. We are to behold, or discern, that which will "take away the sin of the world." In our beloved text-book Science and Health, we find its inspired meaning: "Lamb of God. The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice." As we discern the great fact that all of selfishness must be laid down to gain the true sense of purity and innocence, we shall make sure progress in Science, and the mountainous aspect of error will go down before the voice of Truth, for when "He uttered his voice the earth melted." So will it be with all error. It has no foundation to stand on, and must go down. Claim after claim of selfishness, like the waves of the sea, come up to beat themselves into "their native nothingness" (Science and Health), at the foot of this rock of Christ. Planted on this rock, the feet of the weary find rest. Storm-tossed and earth-worn pilgrims, as we travel through this vale of matter, what a comfort to know that Jesus the Christ has left us his precious example for a rock under our feet! Science and Health shows us that it is possible, yea, that it is our duty to plant our feet (understanding) firmly on this rock. In this book we find the way made plain, and we see that when our feet are so planted, "neither pride, prejudice, nor bigotry can wash us off."

Who but the Lamb of God can take away the sin of the world? The true sense of purity, innocence, and sacrifice will take away the false sense of sin. When a thought comes up to us that is sinful, if we are honest, we begin at once to put it out, and strive to hold pure and holy thoughts. By doing this faithfully, we soon see the result which proves to us that evil can be overcome with good, thereby obeying one of Christ's commands to overcome evil with good.

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