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From the July 1926 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A STATEMENT of great significance occurs in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, when he proclaims to his followers, "Ye are the light of the world. " Surely, no grander trust, no higher, holier charge, no sweeter mission, could ever have been bestowed on men than that—to shine forth, as God empowered them to do, "the light of the world"! Although living in a material age, surrounded by the evidences of sin, sickness, and death, by all the varied problems of struggling humanity, and confronted everywhere by their beliefs in fear, hatred, vice,—the manifold shadows imposed by the darkness of ignorance,—yet Jesus so allied himself to God, so constantly dwelt "in the secret place of the most High," so detached himself from belief in the power and reality of evil, that he actually was enabled to see what finite sense cannot possibly comprehend or discern—man as the radiant expression of eternal Mind.