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From the January 1941 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Everyone is naturally concerned with being—with what really is, as it pertains to himself and others; and when one considers the nature of being he sees that this is as it should be, for being is divine unfoldment, infinite Mind or divine Principle forever infinitely expressing itself according to its own unvarying perfection. The writings of Mary Baker Eddy make plain that the nature of being is unfoldment. Indeed she says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 82), "Infinite progression is concrete being."

Unfoldment signifies a disclosing from within, the coming to light of something innate, indigenous, independent of external influence. It depends on native impulsion—on something inherent in that which unfolds. As understood in Christian Science, it is, in its absolute meaning, the immaculate nature of all that is, being expressed. This activity of divine Truth, discerned and demonstrated in human experience, supersedes and displaces false belief and brings greater harmony to humankind. That which is, unfolds, and this progress is manifest in human affairs when thought actively recognizes divine Mind as its source and rejects everything unlike Mind, thus bringing itself and its expression under divine Mind's law of unfoldment. Unfoldment must partake of the nature of infinity, because only infinity can express itself exhaustlessly.

Because infinity is, logic compels the acknowledgment that all there is to existence is eternally unfolding reality—infinite good ever appearing in obedience to its own infinite nature. This means that conscious, active, unfolding infinity or good is the only thing that is actually going on, or can go on. Because of its infinitude, real being excludes the possibility of anything outside of or unlike itself which can resist or obscure its spontaneous and satisfying evidence.

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