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From the October 1942 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The revelation and the resulting benefits of Christian Science, it need hardly be said, are by no means exclusively for those who are now called Christian Scientists. They are for every human being. Anyone by sincere effort to do so may test the merits of this Science for himself, and as a result see decided improvement in his experience—in his health if that is his need, or in his relationships, his usefulness, his supply of necessary material things, or any other department of his experience.

The means by which such improvements may be brought about are not mystical or mysterious; they are scientific, and they can be stated in terms which anyone who will give reasonable heed to them can understand. Thus it may be stated that if anyone anywhere, while attending intelligently to his own affairs, adopts an attitude and a course of action more in the interest of others and of the whole community—and Christian Science supplies abundant inspiration and guidance for such changes —he will thereby improve his own status. It is obvious that much human effort for improvement is guided differently. Individuals or groups believe that they can serve themselves by ignoring the interest of others, or by positive disservice to them, and consequently proceed in that way.

It cannot be said too plainly that Christian Science, the Science of Christianity and of Life, raises no objection to anyone's desire to improve his position and the position of those most directly associated with him, or to his intelligent and vigorous endeavor in that direction. Rather does it give encouragement to all such desire and endeavor, the most profound and emphatic encouragement obtainable. But it shows that such effort is only hampered, not helped, by failure to consider the effect of what one is doing upon the status of others whom it touches, or by any injury that may result for them. Any gain or apparent gain which may be achieved by an individual or a group in this way, Science discloses unmistakably, can be far exceeded by action seen to be in the interest of all concerned.

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