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Christian Science has been a wonderful...

From the March 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christian Science has been a wonderful help to me in raising a family and in establishing our home, activity, health, and supply on a firm, spiritual basis. Our two children, who are twelve and fifteen, have never received medication and have excellent health records. I attribute this to the protecting and healing power of the Christ, as revealed in Christian Science. Other healings in our family include those of relationship problems, colds and flu, plantar warts, bursitis, a crushed finger, insect bites, back trouble, earache, and ivy poisoning.

I was healed of pain and stiffness in my hip and leg that had persisted for many months, when I saw that the discord was not a condition of matter but only a mental suggestion, and had no basis in reality. I knew that as God's idea I could not suffer pain or disability, and this brought the healing. Several years later a similar difficulty in my knee was completely healed in just two days by steadfastly holding to the truths of Christian Science.

As grateful as I am for these proofs of God's healing power, I am even more deeply grateful for the spiritual growth and increased understanding of God that have come to me as the result of turning to God in times of need.