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[Original in German]

When I first came to Christian Science,...

From the March 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I first came to Christian Science, I was healed, through the prayerful work of a Christian Science practitioner, of thyroid trouble that had bothered me considerably for many years.

The practitioner gave me some copies of The Herald of Christian Science to take home with me. While I was reading the testimonies of healing and the fine articles, a wave of joy and hope flooded my consciousness. I felt a new earth and a new heaven opening before me. Then I noticed that my whole outlook was changing every day. I was anxious to take in more and more of this glorious truth. I spent almost all my free time studying the textbooks of Christian Science, the Holy Bible, and Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and in reading the Heralds. In a short time I was healed—physically and mentally.

An understanding of God gained from my study of Science has strengthened, refreshed, and encouraged me to solve problems in business life where I would otherwise have failed.