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Banning thoughts not our own

From the July 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

With the dawning of divine Science a little over a century ago, profound changes in mankind's perception of God were initiated. The revelation that came to Mrs. Eddy brought clearly into view the reality of being; she saw that there is one Mind, and that this Mind is God Himself.

Such an eternal truth holds immense promise for mankind. It advances our recognition of reality by showing that true existence is not made up of billions of finite mentalities. Mind is indivisible. Mind is divine intelligence, eternal substance. Man's individual being is the distinct image of Mind. Man is spiritual because Mind is infinite Spirit. The truth that God alone is Mind is resisted by what the Bible calls the carnal mind —the belief that man has a worldly, erring mentality. Divine Science is indispensable in disarming the false influences that inevitably grow out of a so-called carnal or mortal mind.

Our era may well be remembered as one that shifted from an emphasis on matter to an exploration of mentality. But much of this shift, at present, is toward an exploration of the carnal mind —a search within the realm of material mentality. One physical scientist, for instance, makes this observation about the human mind: "The mental revolution has indeed begun. It started about one hundred years ago, developing at a rather slow pace until quite recently. It may be a bit of a misnomer to call it a 'revolution' during that period, though very important developments were being made. It has been in the last few decades that a truly revolutionary development in man's understanding of his mind has occurred." John Taylor. The Shape of Minds to Come (New York: Weybright and Talley, 1971), p. 10;