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Relating to good

From the July 1980 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Have you ever tried to find more rhyme and reason in the endless routines—working, eating, sleeping, playing? A purpose? A happy ending? Do you agree with the Preacher when he decries the world's mad busyness and concludes, "All is vanity"? Eccl. 3:19; Through our little rounds of trouble and happiness, where are we going? To another life? Another sphere? Oblivion?

Divine Science, as discovered and recorded by Mrs. Eddy, brings the humble seeker to the glorious conclusion that what truly relates to us all is perfectly beautiful, eternally present, magnificently unlimited in good: our source, our Life, our God. All that we do humanly remains essentially empty and enigmatic—irrelevant—unless it is subordinated to the spiritual energy flowing from this one ultimate relevance, God.

So where we are going is actually where we already are. Christian Science turns the humdrum world mortals conceive right side up, so to speak, and opens up limitless possibilities relating to good. It shows that the universe is the vast infinitude of ideas in the divine Mind, not the supposed whirling electrical charges defined as matter. As individual ideas of God, in Mind, we relate perfectly to the whole of Mind and include all the lovely specific ideas within it. This revolutionary view of the cosmos blasts the apparently solid and contradictory conditions of matter with the unconditional abilities and strength of one perfect Mind, God.

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