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Healing waters of Spirit

The Biblical "water of life" can symbolize our origin and life in Spirit.

From the May 1999 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Walking Along the seashore with my son, I noticed a piece of coral with a layer of barnacles covering the under side. They reminded me of a story that a schoolteacher had told me.

Barnacles live in salt water and attach themselves to all sorts of objects, including the hulls of ships. After a while, the layers of barnacles accumulate to the degree that the speed of the ship is noticeably reduced. But barnacles cannot live in fresh water; if a ship is sailed only in fresh water, it will be free of barnacles.

Thinking further about this, I asked myself, Do you view yourself and others as mortals, originating and dwelling in the "salty waters" of materiality, where barnacles of fear, disease, aging, limitation, attach themselves to you? Do you let this misconception in its various forms multiply, limiting your freedom and slowing down your spiritual progress? Or are you understanding that man dwells in the "fresh waters" of Spirit, where no such "barnacles" can live and where man freely expresses his God-given harmony?

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